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Being sustainable and environmentally-friendly is very important to us, not just for our family but for future generations too. We also want to help protect the beautiful West Coast rainforest and ocean, which our guests and ourselves enjoy every day. We try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, by doing the following in our home and business: 

Energy Efficiency


  • Solar hot water heating.

  • Sustainable wood used to heat hot water

  • Energy-efficient lighting.

  • New insulation in all buildings.

  • Washing is done with cold water and dried in the sunshine. 

Waste Reduction


  • Recycled materials used in construction.

  • Robust recycling system in place. 

  • Food waste is composted.

  • No single-use items. 

  • Reusable handtowels for bathrooms, rather than paper towels.

Water Conservation


  • Rainwater collection.

  • Low flow shower heads.

  • Eco taps to save water.

  • Sustainable water source for toilets. 

Native Restoration


  • Planting of native trees and shrubs.

  • Removal of pest plants (ie, gorse). 

  • Removal of pest animals (ie, possums, feral cats, rodents).

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